AT last a rainbow car in Paris Gay Pride ! The new Renault Megane Coupé Cabriolet. 

The New Megane Coupé cabriolet in its rainbow dress for Paris Pride

Over 500 000 people took to the streets of Paris for the Gay Pride Parade on june 25th.

We were surprised that major companies are now supporting the LGBT community, and I was myself very amused to realise the same model I just bought from Renault Republique, 96 rue Amelot, was parading today with fancy rainbow colors on its sides co-branding with TETU magazine, France’s Biggest Gay Magazine, property of Mr Pierre Bergé, former partner of Yves Saint Laurent. It made me think I really made the good choice and was honored to see that my favorite car maker is also supporting the gay community.
The political situation in Paris regarding gay life is close to ideal apart from the fact that equality is not achieved yet - in terms of taxation, adoption and marriage. It’s true that recent surveys confirm that being gay is not a problem at all for 85% of the French, and 55% of them would agree to vote for gay marriage. So even if we can’t have access to real marriage like the Dutch, Swedish, Danish and Belgian people , we enjoy life as much as we can, until the next election in spring 2012. The social-democrat opposition promised equal rights - and drive fancy Renault cabriolets in the chic streets of The Marais !
The march ended up at Place de la Bastille. Until dawn the most famous clubs and bars in the Marais such as Raidd, Open Café, Cox, l'Oiseau Bariolé, Quetzal, CUD, Spyce, and Le Tango were crowded. Here’s our selection of Paris Gay Pride best photos... It’s raining men in le Marais, who’ s complaining about the forecast?

Visit Renault republique web site and send them a big hug to thank them for their support!

The new Renault Wind is a roadster with only two seats, perfect for the DINK couples
( double income no kids), the claim from the advertising campaign is very smart and hilarious :" just like you, she 's bi" ( because it has only two seats!)

The new Renault truck called "Master"... Then we 're waiting for the "Slave" Version!

Swiss boys visiting Paris, we all love Switzerland and They all love Paris!

a Happy Gay Couple in Their Fabulous ParisMarais Style Wedding dress !

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