The new 2014 Marais map by has just come out. 100,000 copies will be distributed to most 3/4/5 star hotels and palaces starting on 1 December 2013.

It is already downloadable on the site

The creators of the site are like their neighborhood : passionate , playful , irreverent, and anti- conventional. They adore surprising you, amazing you, and helping you discover and share the best addresses in their neighborhood. On the 2014 map and the Parismarais® website, you will discover our favorite spots and those that deserve to be discovered, those who cultivate a sense of hospitality and French art de vivre as well as those that offer more flavor on your plate than bluster in their deco.

With nearly 8 million visitors from around the world since its inception, PARISMARAIS is by far the most complete and most utilized site dedicated to the Marais. We always give preference to those who know how to cultivate a sense of politeness and courtesy, the authentic actors in the life of our neighborhood, the boutique hotels rather than standardized chains. We recommend our local, brilliant craftsmen rather than globalist designers. We prioritize all lovers of Paris, who by their attitude, their writings, their actions and creativity give to the world the most beautiful image of our neighborhood.

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