WHY RESERVE YOUR HOTEL DIRECTLY WITH PARISMARAIS.COM instead of the big multinational reservation services 

Parismarais is not only a switchboard for hotel reservations, but rather the number one guide on line dedicated to the Marais district. Also an innovative marketing service for promotion of tourism, it provides you an opportunity to connect with the best hotels directly.

Put yourself in the place of the hotel staff. Their job is all about creating a rapport with the client, welcoming and pampering them. Naturally they would be more inclined to furnish the best rooms to these people. For a hotel, a direct client is a VIP client as opposed to some mass-market person who responds to a central hotel servicing network that will ask for a commission on their reservation. For the hotel managers, it's a real racket going up to 30% of the price of the room.

When you reserve with paraismaris.com, you have direct contact with the hotel. You can conveniently call the hotel when you like, negotiate the price and benefit from special offers and upgrade. You are certain to be more warmly welcomed, like a friend and not just some anonymous number. You maintain a direct relationship with your hotel with no intermediary. You have more flexibility to change your room, change your dates and even cancel your reservation with no penalty.

You decide. You can reserve the nicest rooms in the fanciest hotels in the Marais. With Parismarais.com, the client is king. And you’ll be delighted with the results.

September and october are super high season for Paris, so do book now at the best rate by using our booking form that links direct to the hotel of your choice.

http://www.parismarais.com/hotel/3-star ... marais.php

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